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Can you win at Texas Hold'em?

We all know that Texas Hold'em is one of the most distinguished online poker games from all around the World. There is no casino which does not provide this game, as it is many gamblers' favorite one. Probably you have seen that from time to time there are exceptional world tournaments broadcasted on TV where only professional Texas Hold'em players can take part. There is no doubt about this as long as this Poker game requires a great experience and skills in the same time. Besides these, luck plays an extremely important role. Not just in land based casinos, but at several online casinos as well, people can come up with this exciting Poker game. The question is how successful your Texas Hold'em game can be. Well, the answer is certainly relative; as we are not fortune tellers, we cannot tell whether you benefit of a successful outcome or not. Besides, we can give you a helping hand and some advice.

First of all, it's vital to mention that Texas Hold'em is a game which is consisting of the combination of luck and skills. On one hand, one needs to have luck too when he benefits of a winning so that the cards that he gets have to be strong ones. On the other hand, the player requires some skills as well, because he has to manage his cards in the most advantageous way. So, in such circumstances, luck is not enough for playing Texas Hold'em because one needs to know how to handle his set of cards and without skills nobody can win. As a matter of fact, we can give you an answer to the above mentioned question, but opinions vary. We may state that you can win at Texas Hold'em; all it takes for you is to possess the right knowledge, learn some strategy and practice as much as you can. Once you have put your knowledge into practice, you have played for a certain period of time and only when you are familiarized with every single step that can be made during a Texas Hold'em game; you can start playing it in casinos.

An important fact to mention is that land based casinos do not give you the chance to gamble without placing money in the pot, so before you get there, make sure that you are experienced at least to some higher degree in the field of Texas Hold'em. In what online casinos are consisting of, here you have the opportunity to play just for fun, without placing a deposit. This is extremely beneficial, because you have the chance to get used to the entire gaming process of Texas Hold'em, its rules and special techniques. Its main objective is to have the highest possible hand so that you can win the pot. The 'pot' is the particular sum of cash which is placed by every single player. As for the basic knowledge of Texas Hold`em, you need to know that altogether there are 52 cards, out of which every single card has a rank and a suit. The ranks are: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The suits are the following: Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts. For certain card combinations the suit plays a great role. In the game of Poker a 'hand' is consisting of 5 cards; even though at Texas Hold'em there are 7 cards that you are playing with (out of which two cards you hold and the other 5 are common to every single player). Now let's take a closer look at the process of the game.

The game begins with putting money in the pot by every single player, this first bet is called 'ante'. In addition, each player gets two cards which are face down (you can see only your own cards). Two round of bets take place, called 'blinds' and these are forced bets. After these the 'flop' follows where three face-up cards are dealt. These cards are common for every player; another round of betting takes place. The 'turn' is when the 4th common face-up card is dealt and players again place a bet. After this the 5th common card is dealt, this is known as 'river' and the players place their last betting. When these bets have been made, the 'showdown' begins, and at this point each player shows his cards. Depending on what kind of card combinations he can make, the one who has the highest hand is the winner and owns the pot. In order to make the best possible hand you must know the different kinds of hands. We enlighten you about these so that you can easier understand the specific card combinations; we start from the highest hand and end with the lowest one.

"Royal Flush"

This hand beats all other card combinations and it is composed of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace having the same suit.

"Straight Flush"

A 'Straight Flush' is consisting of five consecutive cards of the same suit.

"Four of a Kind"

This hand is made of four cards which have the same rank plus one extra card known as 'a kicker'.

"Full House"

This is composed of three cards of the same ranking and two other cards of the same rank.


The 'Flush' is formed of five cards having the same suit.


This hand is composed of five consecutive cards, each having different suits.

"Three of a Kind"

This is made of three cards having the same rank and two other 'kickers'.

"Two Pair"

This card combination is consisting of two cards which have the same rank, plus other two cards of the same rank and one 'kicker'.


This is a hand made of two cards which have the same ranking, plus another three 'kickers'.

"High Card"

This is a card combination which does not meet the particular requirements for any of the hands mentioned above.

Keep in mind that the real secret of a successful Texas Hold'em game played in the best online casinos is the experience, and the more you play, the more experience you gain. Make sure that you are prepared before you are about to start playing it for real money. This way, you have the chance to benefit of an advantageous outcome and enjoy its excitement in the same time. Good luck!

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